Some might argue that a hotel lives and dies on the quality of its service, but from our experience, that relies on constructing the right kind of environment in the first place.

As a hotel is operational 24/7/365, the building has to be handed over defect free - there is little or no ‘room’ to revisit occupied areas after the opening date, otherwise it will impact on the operation of the hotel and inconvenience those who you least want to - your guests.

That’s why we strive for zero defect performance. Our ethos, management and operational approach is based on the philosophy and practice of ‘right first time, every time’, and this is instilled throughout our supply chain.

We have a zero tolerance towards snagging and defects. We believe snagging is a reactive approach to quality, and one in which has an associated cost. If it’s not done ‘right first time’, it costs 'money to put it right the second time'.

By adopting our chosen approach, we have been able to remove the cost of poor quality and invest in our most important asset and richest resource, our people, thereby offering you the best and brightest in their fields.

We also have the direct experience in bringing the benefits of prefabricated bathroom pods and guestrooms to our hotel projects.


Recent projects have included:

  • Tower Hotel, L'Derry
  • Silverbirch Hotel, Omagh
  • Mahon's Hotel, Irvinestown